Choose Light Roast Coffee for More Antioxidants

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

If consumed in moderation, coffee can be a very healthy beverage for most people. Studies show that coffee drinkers tend to have a longer life span and lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s and dementia. In athletes, caffeinated coffee has been shown to improve physical performance. Here’s how to maximize your coffee's nutritional benefits:

  • Opt for light roast coffee for more antioxidants. Dark roasting can destroy around 99 percent of the chlorogenic acids, the main antioxidants in coffee.

  • Brew your coffee with a paper filter, as it removes a cholesterol-raising compound called cafestol.

  • Buy organic coffee beans whenever possible, which has fewer pesticides. Non-organic light roast coffees may have more fungal residues and pesticides.

  • Drink it black or with cinnamon or cocoa. To preserve coffee’s health benefits, avoid adding sugar, processed creamers, and full-fat cream or milk. For flavor, add cinnamon or cocoa (both have antioxidants).

That said, caffeinated coffee may not be a good choice if you have heart health concerns or are sensitive to caffeine. If you have sleep issues, consider drinking your last cup by 12-2pm.

Not sure how much coffee is right for you? Check with your Apeiron Life experts.