The Sugar in Fruit Doesn't Make it Bad for You

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Let's clear up a misconception about fruit. Every so often, a social media influencer will claim that “bananas (or some other fruit) are high in simple sugars, spike your blood glucose levels, and therefore are bad for you.” At Apeiron Life, we only provide you with evidence-based nutrition advice. Here’s what science says about fruit:

  • The fiber in fruit provides you with health benefits that outweigh any potential risks from sugar.

  • The natural sugar in fruit isn’t linked to chronic diseases like added sugars are - the kind found in sweets and processed foods.

  • Overconsumption of fruit can lead to weight gain, just like overconsumption of any food. 

  • Fruit has calories and carbohydrates, about 15g carbs and 60 cals per fist-size portion.

  • If you’re following a ketogenic or lower-carb nutrition program, you may be told to reduce your fruit intake. But unless you’re on those programs, there’s no reason to avoid fruit.

We recommend 2-3 fist-size servings of fresh fruit per day for most people.

One fruit isn’t better than another. Variety is key: if you buy berries one week, go for citrus the next week, melons the following week, and so on.

Choose organic fruits whenever possible, especially those that appear on the Dirty Dozen List.