The Best Sleeping Position

Have you ever felt sore and achy after a night of sleep? If so, your sleep position may be to blame. Research shows that the wrong position can reduce the quality of your sleep and potentially cause snoring and pain. Here’s an overview of the different positions and their benefits. The best positions include:

  • Flat on your back. Because of gravity, this position doesn’t place extra pressure on your back, neck, and spine. It can also help prevent acid reflux, assuming your head is elevated. Caveat: This position may promote snoring and isn’t recommended for sleep apnea.

  • Fetal position. A good position for snorers and people with back and neck pain. However, it may cause shoulder pain for some. For best results, make sure your posture is relaxed, not tight, and try a pillow between your knees for better body alignment. 

  • On your side. Similar to the fetal position, but with the legs straight. Some scientists think that left-side sleeping has more digestive benefits, because gravity helps move waste through the colon. 

The worst position is:

  • On your stomach. It can cause neck and back pain, along with unnecessary strain to your muscles and joints. 

Have a specific injury or pain point you want to be mindful of? Reach out to your Apeiron Life expert, who can provide you with a more personalized recommendation.