Tips to Speed Up Workout Recovery

Recovery is an essential part of your exercise program—it’s what makes you stronger and fitter without getting injured along the way. What you might experience, though, are sore muscles, which can show up immediately after your workout or a day later.  Muscle fibers can take up to 48 hours to repair themselves, so patience and rest are key. But if you want to help speed things along, here’s a list of action items to do.

  1. Drink extra water to replace lost fluids. Rule of thumb: The more you sweat, the more water you need to drink afterwards.

  2. Press pause on the booze. Wait until your body has fully recovered to drink alcohol again.

  3. Get enough sleep. That’s when your body produces growth hormone which is essential for recovery. Follow the recommendations in your Apeiron Life foundation plan (found in your app).

  4. Perform active recovery, a technical term for going on a brisk walk or low-impact bike ride. The gentle movement will help blood circulation and waste removal.

  5. Consider targeted stretches, a foam roller, or compression garments. If you have specific problem areas like knee or lower back, your Apeiron Life expert can recommend strategies for you.

Most importantly, listen to your body. Discomfort is OK, but pain isn’t. If you think you have an injury, don’t push through a workout. We’re always here to provide an expert opinion.

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