Vitamin D Deficiency & Covid-19

You may think of vitamin D as primarily supporting bone health, but for decades scientists have studied its relation to acute respiratory tract infections, similar to what may be caused by COVID-19. Now, two new studies have looked directly at vitamin D deficiency and the chance of testing positive for COVID-19. One study was done at the University of Chicago, the second in Israel.

  • The Irsaeli study found that a low vitamin D level was significantly associated with 1.5-times increased risk of testing positive for COVID-19 and almost double the risk of being hospitalized. 

  • Being older than 50 was also another risk factor, which resulted in 2.7-times greater risk of hospitalization.

  • An important note: The Israeli study defined vitamin D deficiency as less than 30 ng/mL, which is the same cutoff we use at Apeiron Life.

  • The University of Chicago study also found a similar correlation, but their cutoff for vitamin D deficiency was lower than what we use.

Of course, this is a correlation and doesn’t mean that vitamin D supplements will single-handedly protect you from COVID-19. But if you currently have low vitamin D, you’ll want to correct it anyway. Now is not the time to let a deficiency go unaddressed. 

At Apeiron Life, low vitamin D is surprisingly common among our members, with the vast majority testing deficient. That's why we monitor your levels regularly as part of your re-retests. We'll also support you with nutrition changes and supplement recommendations.

If you’re due for a new test, please reach out to your Apeiron Life concierge.

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