Take Your Walks Uphill

Next time you take a walk for exercise, go uphill. It’s a simple way to get more bang for your workout buck. Walking at an incline, whether outdoors or on a treadmill, burns about 3 to 5 more calories per minute than flat-level walking. It also works your quadriceps and buttock muscles more, helping prevent overtraining of your glutes and hamstrings. The benefits don’t stop there: Studies have found that uphill walking supports healthy blood sugar and fat metabolism. By raising your heart rate, it also helps you achieve your weekly target for moderate intensity exercise. Some tips for proper technique:

  • Warm up by walking at ground level for a few minutes, then head uphill. 

  • Shorten your steps while maintaining or quickening your step rate. 

  • Lean slightly into the hill, but not too much. Keep your torso over your hips. Don’t lean backwards.

  • Raise your knees no more than six inches. If you feel the urge to raise them higher, try shortening your steps.

Also, remember to wear your fitness tracker so we can monitor your stats in the Apeiron Life app. If you don’t have a tracker yet, your Apeiron Life expert can recommend one for you.

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