Best Anti-aging Workouts

One of the reasons we encourage you to do endurance training and/or high intensity interval training (HIIT) is because of their anti-aging benefits. Compared to resistance training, endurance activities (running, swimming, cycling) and HIIT have been shown to slow aging at a cellular level. 

Here’s how:

  • As you age, the caps that protect your chromosomes (called telomeres) naturally shrink, causing cells to die. 

  • Cell death not only contributes to wrinkles and gray hair, but can also negatively affect your heart health and cognitive function.

  • Older people with longer telomeres tend to maintain their vascular function better than people with shorter ones. This means their veins are in better shape.

  • Endurance exercise and HIIT have both been shown to lengthen telomeres and increase telomerase, an enzyme that protects the caps.

Weight training doesn’t seem to have these effects, but it protects your body in other ways, like helping you maintain muscle and bone health.

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