Tips to Reduce Negative Effects of Sitting

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

A timely new study highlights a strategy you can use to reduce the negative effects of sitting.  It’s simple: Engage in physical activity for just a few seconds — as intensely as you can — at regular intervals throughout the day. Americans already sit for 10-plus hours a day, and we’re likely sitting more now during the pandemic. Here’s an overview of the study:

  • A small group of adults sat all day and sprinted once an hour for four seconds using a specialized bicycle.

  • Compared to days when they sat without exercising, they had significantly better fat metabolism (triglyceride levels).

  • This study shows that to reduce the negative effects of sitting, you have to incorporate movement into your day and break up long stretches of sitting.

  • Previous studies have shown that even if you exercise regularly, sitting for long periods can still pose health risks.

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