Reward yourself without Goal Compromise

After you’ve accomplished a challenging task or had a big win at work, have you ever rewarded yourself with a glass of wine or delivery from your favorite restaurant? We all deserve a treat sometimes, but using food and alcohol as the reward can negatively affect your nutrition and exercise goals. Put simply, it’s not a healthy habit.  That’s not to say food can’t be a celebration, like a slice of cake on your birthday. The distinction here is that when food or alcohol become a reward, they go from being an intentional choice to an impulsive one. A glass of wine can quickly progress to drinking the entire bottle, for example. Instead, we recommend choosing a non-food reward, anything you find pleasurable. Some ideas:

  • Block off time on your calendar to unplug and relax

  • Buy new workout clothes or gear

  • Get a new kitchen gadget - something to make cooking easier and more enjoyable

  • Buy a new book

  • Listen to a favorite podcast

  • Watch your favorite show

  • Invest in a new hobby, like photography or playing an instrument

  • Get a haircut, massage or manicure (when salons and spas near you re-open)

  • Call a friend or connect with a family member

Reversing this habit is quite simple, and it will help you maintain the progress you’re making with your Apeiron Life nutrition and exercise programs.