Staying Motivated to Exercise

Has quarantine made you less motivated to exercise? If so, we have a few tips to help. First, take advantage of the new exercise tracking features in your Apeiron Life app, such as heart rate zones, sleep, weight, and food groups. Keeping tabs on your progress can motivate you to challenge yourself and keep going (researchers call it “self-monitoring”). Staying accountable can change the game. It can also serve as an early warning system if you go several days without logging a session. But that’s not the only way to keep the ball rolling. Try these mindset strategies:

  • Focus on your why. Remember the goals you set when you started - your aspiration goals of where you want to be in 5, 10, 20 years. This is your why. And your one year goals are quantified to support your programming. Use this to drive you. 

  • Schedule it on your calendar. At the start of the week, block off the times you intend to spend exercising, so it’s one less thing to think about. 

  • Embrace ‘good enough.’ The imperfect workout you complete is always better than the perfect workout you never start.

Last but not least, let us help you! That's why we're here. If you've hit a bump in the motivation road, reach out and let us know. We can reorganize your programming and goals to support you.

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