Mercury Content of Fish

Of all the foods you could eat to support your healthspan, fatty fish is one of the best choices, thanks to its heart healthy omega-3s. However, you may have wondered if eating too much fish can expose you to high levels of mercury. It’s certainly possible. But rest assured, we monitor your body’s mercury level in your quarterly blood tests for this very reason. As long as you choose lower mercury species, the health benefits of fish far outweigh the risks. 

  • Good choices: anchovies, herring, salmon, sardines, sablefish, trout, fish roe, oysters, mussels, and crab. 

  • Limit these: halibut, sea bass, shark, swordfish, and tuna.

  • Choose wild-caught fish over farmed. Fish in the wild eat a natural diet and have more minerals and usually less saturated fat.

  • Help your body eliminate mercury before it becomes a problem. Eat enough fiber, stay hydrated (keep your urine nearly clear), and sweat regularly by exercising in warm spaces and using a sauna weekly.

Also, here’s a rule of thumb: large fish usually have more mercury because they live longer and eat smaller fish. If you have questions about a specific species, reach out to your Apeiron Life expert.

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